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Wild Flowers or Weeds?

Friday was a pretty sunny day, so I thought I’d get some of the grass cut before the new guests arrive. As they say “make hay while the sun shines” 🌞

Tyddyn Du Farm in Snowdonia on a Sunny Summer day
Tyddyn Du Farm from the Oak Trees

 You may notice in my photos, or if you see me, I have two shadows in the form of my Golden and Black Labradors; 🦮🐕‍🦺Popi and Ned.

Jac - the little jack russel that lives on the farm loves it when they visit and follows Ned everywhere!

Anyway, back to the grass…… Mered went on the strimmer and I went on the little tractor mower.

I couldn’t help notice all the beautiful wild flowers that are around. I particularly liked these vibrant orange ones, not sure of the name 🫣

I decided to take a photo of them and Ned decided to be in the photo too:

Black Labrador in Tyddyn Du Farm Snowdonia Holidays on a pretty sunny day
Ned the black Labrador hoping someone will throw the stick for him

Here are some other photos and short videos I took whist mowing, I hope you like them, Carys 😊

gorgeous golden Labrador Snowdonia Cottages
Pretty Lavender and Popi with Beudy 3 luxury suite in the background
Wild Fern at Tyddyn Du Farm Snowdonia Luxury Holidays
Orange Flowers and ferns in front of The Farmhouse

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